About Us

Better Solutions

As a Technology company, we focus on finding the most effective solutions for our customers. We believe that Technology should bring value by saving time and money. Our solution ranges from implementation of software to proper utilization of hardware.

A Solid History of Success

Tech Assurance has a history of success, but we didn’t start out as a national provider for service to the print and imaging industry. We built our success from the ground up. Tech Assurance began as Discount Imaging® in 1995, operating from a small, back-room office we rented in West Monroe, Louisiana.  The humble beginnings we began from soon spawned growing pains as the demand for a personalized proactive delivery service coupled with fair prices in the ever-growing desktop printer industry increased.

Despite the popular (and very noble) notion of the “paperless office”, printing and copying continue to drive daily operations in businesses of all sizes all across the country. With a background in the copier industry, our founders Tim Kerry and Paul Moreau, recognized that printing devices are “a must” to keep any business going.

Our commitment to our customers is paramount to our success. Our customers rely on our convenient, single-source service that delivers what they need, when or even before they need it. Along with these benefits, Tech Assurance becomes the trusted advisor, with valuable expertise to help customers develop long term strategies to manage cost and maximize efficiency.