Technology Solutions


Specific Features

  • A secure HIPAA-compliant solution for sending and receiving faxes
  • Faxes directly from desktop in any software program. If you can print it you can send it a fax from desktop.
  • Paperless reception in PDF format which can be easily imported into your EMR.
  • Paper reduction - no need to print or receive faxes on your fax machine.
  • More efficient use of staff - no paper filing, elimination of manual fax handling - allows reallocation of staff to other more responsible duties.
  • Reduction in other overhead costs such as supplies associated with paper, toner, etc.
  • Less exposure to HIPAA violation because the document is never printed.


1. Know who is printing and what they are printing

The solution performs accounting on your environment, by identifying who printed, when and what type of document was printed. Having the ability to access utilization info allows you to reduce costs by reducing waste and abuse.

2. Assignment of printing cost

The solution provides, automatically, allocating printing Jobs costs for accounts, based on users, devices and projects production:

Cost center account:

Printing Jobs can assigned to the users, department or project.

Capture lost revenue:

Users can select the account, client, or project that cost will be assigned to.


It supports to define hierarchic structure of Cost Centers.

The solution updates cost centers, departments or selectable accouts, through syncronization integrated to Active Directory or through a file.

Information are quantitative and qualitative. They can be view by means of reports and filters, among them summarized, or detailed, or analytic reports and OLAP cube reports.

Print Controls

Print quotas and print tracking allow for a level of cost control and information you may not have now.

A rules based print program can be used to control or restrict print jobs and specific employees.

Filters description:

  • Only monochromatic printing;
  • Only duplex printing;
  • Printing only from specific applications;
  • Permitted time to print the Jobs;
  • Maximum number of pages per print;
  • Maximum number of copies.

Device Monitoring

Report for daily, weekly, or monthly in a variety of areas:

Color Pages printed

Color Pages copied

Faxes sent or received

Toner level

Paper level

IP address